The fact is there’s a good reason why a majority of commercial real estate property deals are happening off-market, and in most cases, owners might not be desperate to sell but might be willing if they get the right offer. 

What Are Off-market Properties?

Off-market properties are not publicly listed for sale. Owners are most likely looking for a convincing bid, and this encourages buyers to bid against one another. In most cases, owners deal with potential buyers directly or through a network of real estate investors. The most apparent advantage of off-market properties is that you'll have more privacy, especially if you’re planning on buying a high-profile property. 

How Can I Find Off-Market Properties in Dothan, Alabama?

The online advertising platforms barely advertise two percent of the commercial properties up for sale in the United States. The best way to find commercial real estate properties has always been to work with an established commercial real estate broker who’s well acquainted with the neighborhood you’re interested in investing in. These realtors usually have a pretty solid network of reliable real estate brokers and will be willing to help you find other properties that fit your investment criteria if negotiations go awry on any deal.

An experienced broker will also ensure you don’t end up overpaying for a property and ending up regretting the decision later. They’ll provide concrete data that rightly estimate the worth of the property and work out a deal that interests both parties involved.

Looking for Off-Market Commercial Properties in Dothan, Alabama?


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